The Invisible (and Visible) Beauty of Ideas

One of the most mysterious and curious things of beauty on our planet is the human mind, and the ideas and thoughts that it produces on a regular basis. How fascinating, this machine, that we barely have scratched the surface of in our knowledge and understanding. Ideas and thoughts can be internal and invisible so […]

War and Innovation

War is a terrible scar on our beautiful world. It hurts everything on the planet. There is nothing good that comes out of mass destruction and violence. From our view, as inhabitants on the planet, we believe in peaceful resolution to conflict and modern dialogue and conversation before resorting to primitive hitting and hurting. Physical […]

Asheville, North Carolina – Amazing Mountain Destination

One of my favorite spots on planet earth is the gorgeous blue ridge mountains in Western North Carolina. Nestled in between these mountain is an amazing little progressive arts town called Asheville. The city of Asheville is known for its great food, amazing art, variety of music, and its progressive culture. Sandwiched smack dab in […]

Let’s Start at the Beginning (of Earth)

The Birth of the Earth: The Earth is a tiny planet in a vast universe. The universe is made up of billions of stars and planets and enormous clouds of gas, all separated by huge empty spaces. Beginning of Life on Earth: Life on Earth began in the seas. For millions of years the Earth”s […]