The Invisible (and Visible) Beauty of Ideas

One of the most mysterious and curious things of beauty on our planet is the human mind, and the ideas and thoughts that it produces on a regular basis.

How fascinating, this machine, that we barely have scratched the surface of in our knowledge and understanding.

Ideas and thoughts can be internal and invisible so that nobody can see but ourselves.

But they can also come to life and be fully visualized and discussed in a group or public environment. One of the coolest tools to use to capture ideas, the one where many business professionals, artists and even kids are comfortable is with a Whiteboard. Many homes and offices now have entire whiteboard walls, constructed using Whiteboard paint applied to the entire surface of the wall so that random ideas can be captured when inspiration strikes.

It’s fun to use color, lines, drawings, words and connections to bring our ideas to life. What was once invisible becomes visible through our artistic creations and expression of thoughts in our words and drawings.

What ideas do you dream of?

What ideas do you enjoy visualizing or drawing and bringing to life?