War and Innovation

Product Launch Formula 4 ReviewsWar is a terrible scar on our beautiful world. It hurts everything on the planet.

There is nothing good that comes out of mass destruction and violence.

From our view, as inhabitants on the planet, we believe in peaceful resolution to conflict and modern dialogue and conversation before resorting to primitive hitting and hurting.

Physical violence is nonsensical.

Thank God there are some that would rather create and innovate than destroy and kill. One particular marine decided that the war that he was called into in Iraq and Afghanistan, was not offering much in terms of productivity and contribution. So instead of just doing his duty and what he was called into as a part of his career and job, he thought creatively and innovative.

He studied an incredible course on entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing called Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 4. And on his time off, when not engaged in battle and war related tasks, he created and started 6 businesses online!

His contribution to the world is more significant and valuable than violence. He is putting his gifts and strengths out there online in amazing ways that offer a contribution to the needs of the world.

Check out his story and many others on the Product Launch Formula 4 Reviews blog here.

Less war. More creativity, artists, and entrepreneurs!

Thanks for all of the contributions that all artists, creators and entrepreneurs are making across our great planet Earth.