Curious Humans – Hoarders and Packrats

rubbish pickupWhy do humans hoard, collect junk, keep stuff, collect, and create a big mess on the planet?

We seem to be the only species interested in destroying Earth and creating a plan for self-destruction.

Just look at the state of trash on the planet. Trash, junk, garbage, rubbish has become a really big mess. Now, recycling programs and upcycling are great positive and upward trends, but the piling up of waste just continues to escalate. Junk removal companies are busier than ever doing cleanouts of estates, foreclosures, houses, and pickup up after the human hoarders. Where does all of this stuff end up?

Most of it ends up in the scrap yards and landfills. Not good for the planet! Now, some junk removal and cleanouts services are very green and recycling and reuse minded. They will tend to look toward donation, recycling and resale centers where things can be restored and used again. We need more junk removal service companies like that! It’s too easy to just take all the junk and throw it into these piles that will eventually take over our planet. Its not only damaging environmentally speaking, but its disgusting and ugly. Our planet is too beautiful to waste it away with our garbage, trash and rubbish.

Next time to think to buy something, think about what it will become in 5-10 years. Is it going to be useful for a lifetime, and beyond? Is it something that can be passed down and reused for many generations to come, or will it simply be something that becomes an item for rubbish pickup so they can junk haul it off to some landfill? Humans – US! – need to start making better choices, caring for our planet.

One example of a concious, green, rubbish pickup service is One Call Cleanout in Lansdale, PA – they service the Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia County areas and provide rubbish pick up and seek to take trash to donation, resale and recycling centers whenever possible.