The Invisible (and Visible) Beauty of Ideas

One of the most mysterious and curious things of beauty on our planet is the human mind, and the ideas and thoughts that it produces on a regular basis.

How fascinating, this machine, that we barely have scratched the surface of in our knowledge and understanding.

Ideas and thoughts can be internal and invisible so that nobody can see but ourselves.

But they can also come to life and be fully visualized and discussed in a group or public environment. One of the coolest tools to use to capture ideas, the one where many business professionals, artists and even kids are comfortable is with a Whiteboard. Many homes and offices now have entire whiteboard walls, constructed using Whiteboard paint applied to the entire surface of the wall so that random ideas can be captured when inspiration strikes.

It’s fun to use color, lines, drawings, words and connections to bring our ideas to life. What was once invisible becomes visible through our artistic creations and expression of thoughts in our words and drawings.

What ideas do you dream of?

What ideas do you enjoy visualizing or drawing and bringing to life?

War and Innovation

Product Launch Formula 4 ReviewsWar is a terrible scar on our beautiful world. It hurts everything on the planet.

There is nothing good that comes out of mass destruction and violence.

From our view, as inhabitants on the planet, we believe in peaceful resolution to conflict and modern dialogue and conversation before resorting to primitive hitting and hurting.

Physical violence is nonsensical.

Thank God there are some that would rather create and innovate than destroy and kill. One particular marine decided that the war that he was called into in Iraq and Afghanistan, was not offering much in terms of productivity and contribution. So instead of just doing his duty and what he was called into as a part of his career and job, he thought creatively and innovative.

He studied an incredible course on entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing called Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 4. And on his time off, when not engaged in battle and war related tasks, he created and started 6 businesses online!

His contribution to the world is more significant and valuable than violence. He is putting his gifts and strengths out there online in amazing ways that offer a contribution to the needs of the world.

Check out his story and many others on the Product Launch Formula 4 Reviews blog here.

Less war. More creativity, artists, and entrepreneurs!

Thanks for all of the contributions that all artists, creators and entrepreneurs are making across our great planet Earth.

Asheville, North Carolina – Amazing Mountain Destination

Asheville Web DesignOne of my favorite spots on planet earth is the gorgeous blue ridge mountains in Western North Carolina. Nestled in between these mountain is an amazing little progressive arts town called Asheville.

The city of Asheville is known for its great food, amazing art, variety of music, and its progressive culture. Sandwiched smack dab in the middle of the Southern Bible Belt, Asheville could be labelled as an Oasis of culture, very much standing out with its own highly unusual personality. Some have called it a mini Portland, OR or a sister of Austin, TX, but whatever it is, its fun to be there.

The city itself is walkable, with all sorts of great restaurants and places to stop on the street or in bars or theaters for music and entertainment. There is ALWAYS some kind of event, festival, or gathering happening in Asheville. Be sure to check out the Friday night drum circle!

The small business community is tremendous. The locals do not appreciate national franchises and big corporations, and so Asheville supports a highly active small business community. We worked with one of the small businesses there to launch this website. Asheville Web Design Company does a phenomenal job with online traffic, seo, internet marketing and conversion optimized websites. There are also quite a few craftsman and artists to check out in this town, including a lot of tremendously talented artists with galleries in the River Arts District.

churches in asheville ncAsheville is a very spiritual city, with many interesting views, perspectives, and ideas. Surrounded by the southern Bible belt, it makes for an interesting mix of people. Some who attend the many traditional forms of churches in Asheville NC, and others who participate in spiritual meetup groups and communities that would distinguish themselves as non-religious, but highly spiritual.

lake lure nc real estateMy favorite part about the city, though is 15 to 45 minutes outside the city – the mountains. From waterfalls to hiking trails to biking to white water rafting and tubing, its always an adventure around Asheville, NC! Never a dull moment and plenty to keep the family busy. The sunsets and sunrises and everything in between with a tremendous variety of views in all seasons. There are many amazing destination spots like the DuPont forest and all of its waterfalls, or Lake Lure, the filming site of Dirty Dancing (and by the way, the Lake Lure NC Real Estate is stunning – all of the lakefront properties are just perfect homes to live in or vacation in!), or Chimney Rock, the filming site of The Last of the Mohicans where you can get views for many miles and miles.

Visit Asheville, NC – you won’t be sorry! A fantastic little place to enjoy on our planet earth.



Capturing the Most Beautiful Human Moments

new jersey wedding photographersOne of the beautiful gifts we have as humans on this planet is the gift of capturing our moments through photography. To be able to stare back at the most beautiful, precious, captivating things that hold our attention and comprise our lives is just amazing. When is the last time you looked back at the birth of your child, or your wedding, or a family moment of laughter. What about your kids first of anything? First time walking, first time eating a cupcake, first time riding a roller coaster, first time going to school?

Photographs are a true gift to humanity. My wife and I had a beautiful day for our wedding. We were married on the beach in New Jersey. Thank God for this amazing New Jersey Wedding Photographers team that captured the smiles, laughing and joyous celebration of one of our greatest life moments. Now we can go back in time and sit with these moments by enjoying these pictures together, some of which hang on the walls of our home.

Photographers are incredible people. Hug a photographer today and thank them for what they do. Appreciate their art and the beauty that they bring to the world.

Allow your moments to last forever. Capture them with a photo!


Curious Humans – Hoarders and Packrats

rubbish pickupWhy do humans hoard, collect junk, keep stuff, collect, and create a big mess on the planet?

We seem to be the only species interested in destroying Earth and creating a plan for self-destruction.

Just look at the state of trash on the planet. Trash, junk, garbage, rubbish has become a really big mess. Now, recycling programs and upcycling are great positive and upward trends, but the piling up of waste just continues to escalate. Junk removal companies are busier than ever doing cleanouts of estates, foreclosures, houses, and pickup up after the human hoarders. Where does all of this stuff end up?

Most of it ends up in the scrap yards and landfills. Not good for the planet! Now, some junk removal and cleanouts services are very green and recycling and reuse minded. They will tend to look toward donation, recycling and resale centers where things can be restored and used again. We need more junk removal service companies like that! It’s too easy to just take all the junk and throw it into these piles that will eventually take over our planet. Its not only damaging environmentally speaking, but its disgusting and ugly. Our planet is too beautiful to waste it away with our garbage, trash and rubbish.

Next time to think to buy something, think about what it will become in 5-10 years. Is it going to be useful for a lifetime, and beyond? Is it something that can be passed down and reused for many generations to come, or will it simply be something that becomes an item for rubbish pickup so they can junk haul it off to some landfill? Humans – US! – need to start making better choices, caring for our planet.

One example of a concious, green, rubbish pickup service is One Call Cleanout in Lansdale, PA – they service the Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia County areas and provide rubbish pick up and seek to take trash to donation, resale and recycling centers whenever possible.


Let’s Start at the Beginning (of Earth)

The Birth of the Earth:
The Earth is a tiny planet in a vast universe. The universe is made up of billions of stars and planets and enormous clouds of gas, all separated by huge empty spaces.

Beginning of Life on Earth:
Life on Earth began in the seas. For millions of years the Earth”s surface was scorched by harmful ultraviolet rays from sun and there was almost no life on land. Simple plants and Algae grew at the edges of the sea.